Our Commitment to Safety
& Our Credentials

Safety Philosophy

At Flores & Foley, we are dedicated to operating our business in a safe and responsible manner, and we deem a project successful only if our employees and contractors are not injured. We have firmly established a culture where safety is valued, and we provide the resources and leadership necessary to foster a safe work environment. Every employee and contractor is trained to establish and maintain safe working standards of behavior.

In addition to employee and contractor safety being a key management principle for our leadership team, it is the duty of each individual to help with this effort by ensuring their own personal safety behaviors as described in our procedures and policies. Working safely is a condition of employment, and every individual associated with a Flores & Foley project will accept responsibility for the safety of anyone entering his or her work area.

Our Credentials

As industry leaders, the Flores & Foley Roofing and Sheet Metal Companies continuously strive to achieve the highest quality standards with all of the products and systems we install.



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