Elite Roofing Credentials

As industry leaders, the Flores & Foley Roofing and Sheet Metal Companies continuously strive to achieve the highest quality standards with all of the products and systems we install.


Peter and Rene, I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the professionalism and high quality customer service of Flores and Foley. I have always recommended you, but will now be delighted to give a written recommendation to use for your website, blast out on Social Media, and everyone at Intracoastal Realty will know how fabulous Flores and Foley are and they MUST be everyone’s go-to roofing company!


Very professional. Showed up as promised and completed the job. A very knowledgeable salesman. Would definitely recommend to friends.


Kevin Cook was our sales contact. Flores & Foley did a great job on the roof and a fantastic job of clean up of material. There was a storm the morning after starting the project and we had some water damage. No problem. Kevin had Nando's Painting in our home the next week to repair the ceiling. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the quality of work and dealing with a company that stands behind their work.


Everyone was great to work with- our estimator, scheduler and the crew! The crew stripped it down to bare wood and laid all new roof and finished same day, cleaned everything up, and didn't leave a trace that they had been there. Great job!


Personnel were very quick- entire job finished in one day. The site was completely clean afterward. Excellent job!


Adding guttering with Flores & Foley was the easiest part of building our new home! Fast, efficient, professional, and a great price! Totally hassle free! Highly recommend.


Our experience replacing our roof was beyond amazing! I assumed by the quality of the products, we would not be able to afford Flores & Foley. Much to my delight and amazement, the price was just where I needed it to be. Everything was done per the contract and within a timely manner. I Would recommend this company to everyone!


Extremely happy with the work. They were fast to get the job done, price was good, and the work was excellent. Great communication as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a roof. Thanks guys!

I have used Flores and Foley on several homes. I will always use them because they are trustworthy, provide a good product and have ALWAYS been there when I needed them. This last hurricane was a good example of them being there when needed.I know there are some roofing companies out there that will quote a cheaper price. The question is "will they be there when mother nature brings a disaster". My contractor, who we have used for over 18 years will only use Flores and Foley because Rene Flores and company always stand by their work. We live on a barrier island and the homes with a Flores and Foley roof did far better than any other company servicing our area. The old saying is true-You get what you pay for. Flores and Foley is worth every penny they charge
As one might expect, our greatest damage sustained was to our roofs during Hurricane Florence. From the cheerful and efficient front office staff, to Mr. Foley of the Executive Leadership Team, the support we received was timely, professional, surprisingly reasonably priced, and completed faster than we could have imagined. Their intervention was also instrumental in minimizing further damage. The onsite crew and superintendent didn't just make us whole again, but our roofs are better than new. Well done Team Flores and Foley!
MICHAEL SCHWALM, Senior Pastor, Centerview Baptist Church